About the Project

 A New Beginning for Union Court and University Avenue

The Union Court precinct is the heart of the ANU campus. Some days it is a vibrant and crowded centre of university life, at other times it is a vast and empty space.

Largely unchanged since the 1970s, the amenity that Union Court once offered to staff and students has eroded over time. The University is developing plans to revitalise the area between Childers Street and Sullivans Creek to create a new heart for the ANU community featuring learning, teaching, social and community facilities.

This comprehensive revitalisation is fundamental to delivering a rich cultural, social and recreational experience to complement our leading research and teaching environment. It is a critical part of the University’s long-term strategic development.

 Establishing the Blueprint

This project is focused on creating a ‘university village’ at the heart of ANU, strongly integrated with the rest of the campus and extending connections into the wider Canberra community by bringing people and ideas together in a creative and supportive environment. 

Creating a range of public spaces that people love, and and that reflect the unique identity and rhythm of ANU life will be critical to the success of the project. These spaces will enrich the shared social and cultural life of the University and create a range of experiences that members of the entire Canberra community can participate in and enjoy.

The project will deliver substantial, timeless architecture synonomous with great universities. Architecture that is impressive, interesting, and resonates with the vibrant nature of the precinct. 

University Avenue is another important aspect of the revitalisation that, together with an engaging events and activities calendar, will strengthen the connection between the campus and the city.

 The Key Elements

In April 2016, the University Council approved in principle the revitalisation of Union Court and University Avenue. This approval was for an initial stage of the masterplan concentrated in Union Court and the revitalisation of University Avenue to Childers Avenue. The initial stage the project will see:

  • Contemporary teaching and learning spaces,
  • A one-stop student services hub, bringing together various services into one location,
  • A new health and wellbeing centre,
  • An integrated gym and swimming pool,
  • New events and exhibition spaces including a new home for the ANU Film Club,
  • An additional child care centre,
  • Residential accommodation for students,
  • Centralised underground car parking to service the precinct,
  • A new ground plan for Union Court including an amphitheatre at Sullivans Creek,
  • Shops, services, cafes and bars to support campus needs and lifestyle. 

A summary of how each of the key elements will be bought to life in the revitalisation can be found here

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