Thank you for your participation. The Reimagine Union Court and University Avenue online competition has now closed (as at 11.00pm EST1st April 2015). You can still have your say by participating in our online activities or have your say via the online feedback form.

Online Activity Prize Information

Activity Competition Winners

Thank you to everyone who participated in the online 'Reimagining Union Court and University Avenue' activities and competition from the 24th March - 1st April 2015. As a token of our thanks, we would would like to award the following 20 'top contributors' with a $100 prepaid Visa gift card (listed in alphabetical order of username): 

11baobao, calblank, Christine Laurence, ditfos, ellamcalister, Erik,, JODwyer, KB30, Michael Blacksell, Mrs McPherson, Mum_Duck, oztinman, rjakobasch, SLR, tomw, u4962876, u5808314, WoadCelt.

Winners will be contacted directly via the email addressed used upon registration on or before the 4th May 2015 with details on how they can claim their prize. For Prize Terms and Conditions please see: 

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