How does this project respond to the University’s sustainability agenda?

Posted by odell on Fri, 08/28/2015 - 5:40pm

This project is ambitious with respect to its sustainability objectives; we have chosen to use a “One Planet” framework approach to measure our performance. The project aspiration is to achieve an 0.5 or less planet equivalent performance, which in simple terms would deliver an asset which is at worst neutral and at best, restorative in terms of its demand on nature (see How it Comes to Life).

Achieving these ambitious objectives will require the best in class from all aspects of design as well as proactive, creative and collaborative thinking.

Sustainability does however go beyond the One Planet Goals and therefore the essential ingredients include a holistic approach to what we aspire to deliver, one that provides the most sustainable platform for retail and other commercial enterprises to thrive, an environment that fosters healthy minds, life long learning, not semester driven learning and one that ultimately aims to contribute positively to the planet and the human condition.

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