How is the project being funded – does it divert money from the University’s academic mission?

Posted by odell on Fri, 08/28/2015 - 5:38pm

The University has a dedicated capital management plan for academic facilities and funding that is already allocated to major academic projects such as the first stage of the physics redevelopment and the refurbishment of the Coombs Building. The Union Court project will not use these funds.

The University will make a capital contribution to the signature teaching and learning facilities in Union Court – or in other words, invest in the new buildings that generate a direct academic return including the library and teaching spaces. This will have to be considered by the University Council, separately from the main academic capital program.  The University will be considering external investment for other non-academic elements and believes the proposition will be attractive to investors. With external investors the development will be undertaken on a cost neutral basis.  

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