Teaching and Education Spaces: Will the Manning Clarke Centre be replaced?

Posted by odell on Fri, 08/28/2015 - 6:04pm

Creating teaching and learning spaces that are second-to-none is a fundamental priority of the project and has been central to its planning and design. The current teaching and learning spaces are spread across campus, many of those spaces old, run down and under-utilised. 

The new learning spaces will be designed for teaching and learning of the future, providing spaces that changes to how teaching is done, responding to ANU Education 2025 and emerging digital learning. These spaces will enable more flexible teaching and increase the potential for collaboration between students and academic staff. 

Existing teaching facilities in University Avenue and Union Court, including the Manning Clark Centre, will be replaced by a number of multi-purpose, multimodal, flexible learning spaces which are embedded with new digital infrastructure. A dedicated Executive Education space is also proposed.  

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