Union Court and University Avenue have always been significant places – how will their heritage be acknowledged and preserved?

Posted by odell on Fri, 08/28/2015 - 5:37pm

Over the years, Union Court has been the venue for many activities and memorable moments for ANU students, staff and alumni. As the design is developed, ongoing consultation will inform how the heritage of the site is incorporated into the revitalised precinct to ensure the things that are valued most by our community are not lost.

The development team is working with Howard Tanner, a distinguished architect with an extensive background in Australian heritage architecture, and liaising extensively with the ANU Heritage Officer.

A heritage assessment of the existing buildings has identified that they are generally not exceptional or notable and replacement with a higher standard of building is desirable with the exception of the Chifley Library.

A new entry to Union Court for the Chifley library via a pedestrian bridge and an additional entry will form part of the design development package and be developed in close consultation with the heritage architect.

The revitalisation plans will take into account the memories and experiences of former staff and students as well as representatives from the local Indigenous community. 

The original tree and landscape heritage is an important component of the revitalisation. The revitalisation plans will focus on the University Avenue plantings to more closely reflect the ‘boulevard' envisaged in the original Griffin Plan.

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