The 'Living Village'

The Place Experience

Emerging from the new gateway, we enter into a re-imagined green, living village space. Its key components include residential addresses, teaching learning and innovation spaces, a diversity of cultural spaces and pop up art galleries, small great coffee houses, a bookstore and small cafes. 

University Avenue is envisaged as an important connection between Civic and Sullivan’s Creek. It is an important movement corridor and a shared way for pedestrians, cars and bikes.

The Buildings

The buildings will be human in scale and designed with a pedestrian promenade and colonnade to protect pedestrians from the weather; front doors to the town houses and apartments, balconies overlooking the street and high levels of street lighting will help with safety, especially in the evenings. 

The Lawn Courts

The Lawn Courts, alongside pop up pavilions, will host campus and community events – the Wednesday markets, art not apart festival, book launches and student exhibitions could all find a new home here.   

The Secret Gardens

The Secret Garden together with the re-invigorated ‘tank’ provides an intimate landscape of learning and social spaces – a place for outdoor games, evening classes around the fire pits and a quiet place for lunch and conversation – always sunny and protected from winter winds. 

The Living Village Key Elements

University Avenue at Pedestrian Spine Illustrative Rendering


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