The 'Green Spine' Place Experience

Chifley Lane

Chifley Lane is another intense pedestrian experience connecting from the loop road, passing the health and wellbeing centre with its gym and a proposed swimming pool, and leading into the riverwalk along the edge of the new Sullivans Pond.

This laneway is a place for small casual cafés, a bike shop, the underground jazz club and essential services including a grocery. 

Vantage Point

Across the creek the ANU Tower provides an elevated vantage point for viewing the campus, revealing the lake and the capital city’s most important buildings in the distance. And a visual marker for the heart of the campus. 

Sullivan's Creek

In this final part of our walk, we arrive at the nexus between the square and Sullivans Creek, beside the bridge, is an amphitheatre, a significant new performance space for outdoor cinema, bands and student performances. During the day this is a great place to hang out and feel the warmth of the sun and the cooling effect of the water in the wonderful wild landscape of Sullivans Creek. Imagine on a summer’s night three hundred people gathered on the edge of Sullivans Creek for a performance. 

The Green Spine Key Elements

Uni Blvd

Sullivans Pond at Union Court Illustrative Rendering

Uni Blvd

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