What matters most

 What Matters Most: Our Guiding Principles

Over the past two years we have engaged the ANU community in a conversation about the proposed revitalisation of Union Court and University Avenue.  

As a result of the engagement program, a set of five principles reflecting what matters most to the community with respect to their needs and aspirations for the development have been established in order to guide the project going forward. 

1. Deliver a COMPACT and URBAN experience in a LIVEABLE neighbourhood

• Must have a genuine mix of uses;

• Deliver residential product to provide a living heart

• Have a street based design with bias to pedestrian movement and experience;

• Provide a distinct social heart; and

• Be rich in community amenity and services

2. Deliver an ENGAGING and ECLECTIC ENVIRONMENT that facilitates a 'live, work, study and play' way of life

• Must be a ‘one of a kind’ urban environment;

• High quality, memorable and quirky public realm that provides platforms for formal and informal socialisation;

• Embed active recreational opportunities and ensure adequate green space;

• Design in spaces for pop-up activities and temporary programmatic experiences;

• Deliver a program of cultural, social and recreational activities;

• Tree architecture, trees in the streets create a micro-climate and a patina of light and shade.

3. Networked and Connected: socially, professionally, virtually and physically

• Pedestrian and cycling routes that connect with the surrounding communities and facilitate active (as well as public) transport connections;

• A public realm that offers a variety of third spaces for personal and professional networking, outside of the workplace;

• A porous community - making connections with surrounding neighbourhoods;

• Ubiquitous WIFI;

• Be internationally oriented and multiculturally aware.

4. Always OPEN and always something on

• Retail, bars and cafes that open early and close late;

• A social program that keeps the precinct alive in the evenings (or at least Thursday and Friday evenings or until 8pm) and the weekends;

• A real reason to visit or stay (beyond the university offer).

5. Be enterprise oriented

• Develop a cluster of employment opportunities in/around the site, at multiple scales;

• Provide incubator opportunities and pathways for new ideas;

• Leverage emerging appetites for new kinds of working environments.


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The engagement exercise and key themes have also been represented in a short video: 

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